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IMG_3362I don’t subscribe to the adage that success is rooted largely in perspiration and only slightly correlated with inspiration.  I think now more than ever, success is tied to passion for what you do, and passion and inspiration are comfortable bedfellows.  When you are engaged in a labor of love, how hard you are working is often not a meaningful heuristic. This blog is an example of that in practice.  I started following the pet industry because I wanted the best for my two dogs; I am passionate about their well being.  It is that passion that has made me successful in covering this industry. Regrettably, a key source of my passion, my oldest dog, passed away last week. For lack of a better term, I have lost some inspiration. While I promise to find it in again, I wanted to share this news with my readers.  My wife has written a eulogy here. I could not have told her story any better.

Rest in peace Greta. We miss you.  You were the first. You will always be the greatest. Hopefully we will meet again.


I’m a banker, no not that kind of banker. An investment banker. I help others raise money to grow their businesses. I help business owners monetize their investment. Along the way, I’ve learned some things that might help you…without having to pay me.

I’m also a husband, dog dad (Greta (my angel) & Tyr (my devil)), a triathlete, Walla Walla wine collector, locavour, bike commuter and wanna be gardener. However, that’s not why we are here.

In my 10 years of investment banking experience I have had the opportunity to work with companies across the size and industry continuum. I have sold all or portions of Fortune 500 companies and raised Series A capital for start-ups. I have worked on Wall Street and in a boutique investment banking environment. Along the way, successes have been enjoyed and some mistakes made. Through it all some patterns have emerged that I can now share. Hopefully, these can be of benefit to anyone who reads this blog.

On “i’m not that kind of banker”, I will be blogging about my insights as an investment banker in the market. My focus will be on the consumer, food, specialty retail and business services arenas where I am passionate. At times I will blog about market conditions, finance theory, investment banking products and process. Other times I expect this blog will be about cool products, health and wellness, recruiting advice and, honestly, about my dogs. I intend this to be modular — take what you like, leave what you don’t, but enjoy it either way.

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All opinions expressed herein are my own.  They do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer, and shall have no recourse thereto.