I’m a banker, no not that kind of banker. An investment banker. I help others raise money to grow their businesses. I help business owners monetize their investment. Along the way, I’ve learned some things that might help you…without having to pay me.  I’ve worked on Wall Street and main street and I have a few stories to tell.

I’m also a husband, dog dad (Greta (my angel) & Tyr (my devil)), a triathlete, Walla Walla wine collector, locavour, bike commuter and wanna be gardener.

Thanks for reading.

/bryan jaffe – editor-in-chief

23 Responses to “About”

  1. Greg Bradley Says:

    Bryan, It was good talking to you yesterday.
    Shoot me an email and I will send you my contact information.

    Oh and Great Blog.

  2. after reading some of your blog it is obvouis that you have a pretty good handle on the Pet Industry. it looks like you do some Investment banking and it looks like i might be in need of such a service. check out my web site see what you think.

    and hopefully i will hear from you

  3. Levi Thornton Says:

    Been digging for data all day and I found your site on an off search. Great stuff, it’s nice to finally see some real analytics of the industry. Did a search about online end of things and did not see anything that you posted… Want to write something about the online side of the business?

    1. Troy Pospisil Says:


      What other sources have you found valuable? I have found a lot of good info. in the IBIS industry reports. Email me at troy@alpine-investors.com

  4. Hi!

    I am desperately seeking advice from those who understand financing and the strength of this industry! I’ve written a business plan to open a pet retail store in my area (we are in serious need of a pet store), but how do I get an investor interested? I know this industry and I know I can do this. Any advice you can pass along?

    Alachua, FL

  5. javi Says:

    Great stuff. Anything about Europe?

  6. Howard Lieberman Says:


    Please call me at 206-769-3911. I would like to talk with you and may have an opportunity for you.

  7. Andrew Says:

    Bryan: I enjoy reading your blog. I would like to schedule a call and introduce you to our business. Please let me know. Thank you.

  8. Hey Bryan. Interesting blog. If you attend this year’s Superzoo 2011 in Vegas, please stop by my company’s booth. Organic Pet Superfood, booth #2314.

  9. vanessa ting Says:

    Keep up the great blog. As a former Target buyer and now leading a social entrepreneurship that applies for-profit practices to animal welfare issues…this is both insightful and stimulating. Keep writing about the pet industry!

  10. Sarah Miller Says:

    Did I imagine a headline on my Bryan Jaffe RSS feed about C&P? Hadn’t read it quite yet, was planning on reading it over lunch today but now I can’t find it. Did I imagine that?

  11. Bryan,
    Are you attending Global Pet Expo? I would very much like to meet you.
    Robert Pointz
    Director of Business Development
    Triple T Foods

  12. bogobowl Says:

    Hi Bryan,
    I was wondering if I might get the full pet industry market trend reports you’ve done recently. Email is sara @ bogobowl.com. Please and thank you! Sara

  13. Dennis Hurt Says:

    Bryan, do you know of any VC or angels that invest in companies that sell protein products for pet food and/or animal feed. We hare “game changing” advanced protein product.” Thanks.

  14. Paul Zettler Says:


    I’ve been doing some research in the Veterinary market but more on the B2B Tech/IT side as opposed to B2C market. I would really appreciate a copy of your market trends report as it would supplement my research from the consumer/retail side of the industry.



  15. Gregory Says:

    Great info and blog. Regards from Europe. Sometime write some info about pets in Europe unless I can find at the archives

  16. Joseph Says:

    Bryan, I wanted to see if your webinar for Circle Up a few weeks back was available online. I was listening but had to jump off before the call ended. I was very impressed with the comprehensive nature of your industry analysis. Thanks–Joe Donaghy

    1. bryanjaf Says:

      I believe you can contact CircleUp to gain access (blee@circleup.com). Thanks for the kind words.

  17. Alejandra Says:

    Hi Bryan,

    I have been reading for 4 straight hours now your posts about the pet industry.

    In some of your articles you talk about the compete reports, I’m wondering where can I find them.

    Thank you for the information, do you have any info about this industry worldwide?

    Thank you again!

  18. Hi Bryan, a community member sent me your site and how interesting! The folks at BlogPaws would love to meet you. We have our national conference in Nashville in 2015 – you should come! ~Yvonne DiVita Co-founder BlogPaws

  19. Raffi Says:

    Hi Bryan, thank you very much for sharing your insights into the pet industry. As a college student interested in corporate finance, I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to learn from professionals like you about the financial aspects of my hobby (I have been keeping and breeding tropical fish since 10). Again, thank you very much and I look forward to your future posts! – Raffi

  20. Peter Says:

    Bryan can I please get a copy of your latest report (couldn’t find your email on site ?) Thank you. Enjoy reading your blog.

    1. bryanjaf Says:

      Peter — you can email me at bjaffe@cascadiacapital.com

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