IMG_3362I don’t subscribe to the adage that success is rooted largely in perspiration and only slightly correlated with inspiration.  I think now more than ever, success is tied to passion for what you do, and passion and inspiration are comfortable bedfellows.  When you are engaged in a labor of love, how hard you are working is often not a meaningful heuristic. This blog is an example of that in practice.  I started following the pet industry because I wanted the best for my two dogs; I am passionate about their well being.  It is that passion that has made me successful in covering this industry. Regrettably, a key source of my passion, my oldest dog, passed away last week. For lack of a better term, I have lost some inspiration. While I promise to find it in again, I wanted to share this news with my readers.  My wife has written a eulogy here. I could not have told her story any better.

Rest in peace Greta. We miss you.  You were the first. You will always be the greatest. Hopefully we will meet again.